Hyper-V + Pi3 + Zwave Setup Help!

Hello people,

I need some help with my setup, I’ve just received my Aeon Z-Stick today. I have my Home Assistant running my on Hyper-V environment and realised USB Passthrough is not possible. I have a Raspberry PI running latest Raspberry Pi OS.

Is it possible for me to connect my Aeon Z-Stick to the Raspberry PI and then configure HA to see the Raspberry PI and the Z-stick?

I have done it with the Zigbee using this setup, deCONZ method.

Yes i know, Hyper-V environment isn’t good for this setup that requires hardware level. Am looking to purchase Home Assistant Blue as soon as it available and transfer my setup from Hyper-V to Blue. Probably leave the Hyper-V version for future testing.

I would like to keep the Raspberry PI 3 for different project in the future once i have the Blue.

Many thanks,


Well i ended up using the Raspberry PI in the end. It now has HA installed and i have managed to configured both my Zwave and Zigbee adaptors.

Lesson learn, Hyper-V no good for HA that requires USB pass through. There are alternative of USB over Network, devices and software. But need to avoid making the network more complex.