Hyperion Ambilight setup

I just wondered if anybody here has set something up like this


It’s something that I would be very interested in doing as my next project.

Im looking for a reliable parts list (amazon links would be great)
And any suggestions as I have not soldered before.

I have a large tv 80” so it’s going to be a challenge.

Also wondering if the setup/coding was difficult and how well it worked with your current HA setup.

I plan on buying a dedicated Pi just for this project.

Thanks for any information you can provide!

I built my own for a 65" TV with a RPi 3 running Kodi (LibreElec 8.2.5) and an Arduino Uno powering/driving 240 WS2812b LEDs. Depending which LEDs you get, the RPi may or may not be able to drive them. I’ll let you google as to why and which LEDs work best. I use Boblight which doesn’t have some of the control and features that Hyperion does, but it works for what I need. I have played with Hyperion and it’s fairly easy to setup, plus there’s a HA component for it.

However, if I had to do it all again, I’d buy something like a Lightberry.

I built one about 5 years ago by following the adalight tutorial here the only alteration I did was add more LEDs.

It’s still going strong to this day, similar to @squirtbrnr I use LibreElec on a NUC and Arduino powering the LEDs. I also use boblight, I’d like to migrate to Hyperion at some point for the added HASS control I also hear its much less resource hungry than boblight.

One thing I have never been 100% happy with is the lack of whites all white look a slightly pale blue. If possible id look at using RGBW LEDs if its possible.

That’s a problem with the WS2801 LED’s.
On the hyperion website they suggest APA102 LED’s for better Gamma and white balance.
With WS2801 you never get ready with calibration. :slight_smile:

The original hyperion tutorial with links to parts.

Hi, I am using Hyperion alongside Home Assistant on the same Pi 3B. Never had problems. Installation with HyperCon is fairly easy. Also I dont use an USB Hub.
I use APA102 LEDs and a Logilink USB Grabber plugged in the Pi. The rest is buried behind my TV but I am sure the Hyperion forums are the better place to get recommendations.

Thanks Guys! I at least have some stuff to research now! Much appreciated!

So you can run this on the same Pi along with HA?

Sure. Not on hass.io, though.
I am running hassbian and it is no problem at all.

Good luck with hyperion, it is definitely worth it!

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