Hyperion integration, not able to connect to Hyperion

I’m running HA (2023.3.3) as a virtual VM on Ubuntu. Hyperion (2.0.15) is running on another Ubuntu on the same network. When I try to add Hyperion integration it fails with this short message “Failed to connect”. So far I have tried:

  • Connect with all API Authentication off on the Hyperion
  • Connect with API Authentication on and a saved Token
  • Connect with API Authentication on and Token made when connecting. Token was created on Hyperion but then the connection fails.

This is from the Hyperon log when using pr made Token:

2023-03-14T07:59:47.931Z [JSONSERVER] (DEBUG) (JsonServer.cpp:101:newConnection()) New connection from: ::ffff:
2023-03-14T07:59:47.935Z [JSONSERVER] (DEBUG) (JsonServer.cpp:117:closedConnection()) Connection closed for ::ffff:
2023-03-14T08:00:07.812Z [JSONSERVER] (DEBUG) (JsonServer.cpp:101:newConnection()) New connection from: ::ffff:
2023-03-14T08:00:07.821Z [JSONSERVER] (DEBUG) (JsonServer.cpp:117:closedConnection()) Connection closed for ::ffff:
2023-03-14T08:00:07.823Z [JSONSERVER] (DEBUG) (JsonServer.cpp:101:newConnection()) New connection from: ::ffff:
2023-03-14T08:00:12.830Z [JSONSERVER] (DEBUG) (JsonServer.cpp:117:closedConnection()) Connection closed for ::ffff:

I can’t find anything in the HA log when trying to connect. Can anyone tell me how to troubleshoot my problem?

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A small update. I changed the OS for Hyperion from Ubuntu to Windows and installed Hyperion again and with Windows, the Hyperion integration works flawlessly. So now I can switch between Hyperion and LedFx with HA. :upside_down_face: