Hyundai Blue Link

I would love to see Hyundai Blue Link added as a supported component. It would be so awesome to be able to create automations to send commands to my vehicle via Hyundai’s Blue Link.

I’m not sure if I did this correct but I hope this is the right place to request this.

Looks like someone has developed a Javascript api wrapper:

So maybe someone (HA team or others) could integrate that into a Home Assistant Supervisor (aka add-on.

Or… it could be re-written in python and submitted as a core integration.


I realize this thread is really old and it seems that nobody has risen to the challenge yet. As I also have a need for this, I have just started developing such an integration. If either of you are still interested in helping to test it once its done, that would be much appreciated. I found a python client for the api although its not well documented and a little thing. Im if i can get it to work, it should be pretty quick to develop. If not, it’ll be a little longer.

fuatakgun/kia_uvo: A Home Assistant HACS integration that supports Kia Connect(Uvo) and Hyundai Bluelink. The integration supports the EU, Canada and the USA. (

Covers blue link and uvo as they are the same API in same cases. Would appreciate help on some of the Hyundai said though. Works for EU, CA, and USA to different levels.

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@cdnninjaI am new to HA but have a Hyundai Ioniq and Bluelink set up.

If I can help test, I would be willing.