Hyundai Bluelink Integration

Can anybody help me with the issue that I have, please … :slightly_smiling_face:

the PIN was most likely set by either you or the dealer (hopefully with your consent :grimacing:). At least in my case it was set by the dealer who asked me what I wanted to set it to. I thought it was strange that he was asking what my PIN was going to be but whatever. I just got my Tucson on Friday so I should probably change it. :laughing:

I use the MyHyundai app in the US and to see if a PIN is set you might be able to open the app and under settings there’s a “change PIN” option. Go in there and it should ask you for your current PIN. If so then I assume someone set a PIN on your account. If not you and/or you don’t know it then you may need to contact Hyundai customer service to see how to reset it.


I’m looking for a solution to display the stats of the las 28 days using

I’d like to display a chart of daily consumption and distance.

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It"s possible to add control to start and stop charging the vehicle, like on the mobile application?
The goal is to manage the charge via Home Assistant depending on the sunshine to optimize charging with the photovoltaic panels.

You can to that with the “start_charge” service. It is in the documentation under “Suported services”.

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