I am getting so sick of Zigbee. Random disconnections basically every time I reboot

If the thing that has changed is simply the size of your house, then you probably need bigger range. There are newer TI chipsets which have better range, see this thread "Zzh!" (short for "Zig-a-zig-ah!") open-source hardware licensed Zigbee USB-stick based on TI CC2652R (if you scroll down you’ll see another product by @slaesh too.

check the channels between your wifi and zigbee channel are not overlapping, if so move them

Move back to conbee II much more powefull than the cc2531. best thing to do with the cc2531 is to reflash as a router and use it to increase/stabilize mesh.

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I don’t use the MiHome app at all. How do I find the channel that my zigbee devices are using if I don’t use that app?

if using deconz or zha it will tell you the channel you are using for zigbee

deconz below

I’m looking around in the ZHA integration and am not finding a channel anywhere… Am I missing it?

I do remember stating it in Deconz back when I was using it, but I don’t remember what the channel was specifically while I was using that.

i cant tell you how to do it on the ZHA integration as i don’t use that one, maybe @dmulcahey may know?

One other thing, do you have the conbee II device on the end of a USB extender cable as this is recommended for most USB Zigbee coordinators

Yep, whenever I am using a zigbee USB device I always do have it plugged into a USB extension cable. Correct.

I use a CC2531 and the Zigbee2mqtt add-on with Xiaomi, Osram and Sonoff Zigbee devices, very solid, although, my house is not overly large - 2 story, 3 bedroom.

I did the antenna mod on the CC2531 to get better reception, it helped to improve range by about 10%-15%.

I think that there may be an attached hardware limit on each CC2531 of about 20 (could be wrong), so you can use one as a main connected to your PC, and others that have certain close items bound to them, acting as repeaters.

Checkout this thread with many general best-practice tips on improving and extending signal range:

You want to connect more mains-powered Zigbee router devices first to make a stable Zigbee mesh.

Always-on mains-powered Zigbee routers act as signal repeaters and range extenders.

Suggest buying “IKEA Trådfri Signal Repeater” as dedicated routers that are less tempting to unplug.

Xiaomi devices are however infamous for not connecting to routers and only want to connect directly.

If using Xiaomi devices in a large home you need to also have mains-powered Xiaomi devices as well.

Best is to also have a better Zigbee coordinator like CC2652 with a great external antenna.

Combine CC2652, a great external antenna + mains-powered Xiaomi devices and you should be good.

Not sure this is correct, i have around 30 xiaomi/aqura sensors spread around the house without any xiaomi powered devices, they seem to work perfectly via a combination of Hue/3a/nue lights/switches a couple of cc2531, a CC2652R and a CC1352P-2 that have been flashed a routers

It may have something to do with this issue which is in fact a conbee issue I think…

I have to refresh my deconz after every reboot to get my entities to become available.

I did read somewhere xiaomi devices don’t work well with Hue devices which are working as repeaters. So while you might have multiple hue bulbs, they might not be helping your mesh.

Most of my devices are xiaomi but I have 5 or 6 ikea routers to make both the range and stability of the mesh better. I found this article very helpful: https://community.hubitat.com/t/xiaomi-aqara-devices-pairing-keeping-them-connected/623

Note I’m in a large 5 bed house, using conbee II with ZHA. The mesh is very very good, probably the most stable devices I have, I’m surprise just how solid zigbee is. On HA reboot they do randomly loose connection, however they always self-connect within 10 to 15 mins. This is for 45 different sensors.

Regarding working out what Channel you have your zigbee network running on you need to use deConz. To my knowledge ZHA does display this info, I noticed a request for this functionality just a few days ago. You can install DeConz, log in and work out the channel then shut it down again. Fairly sure you cannot run both DeConz and ZHA at the same time. You absolutely need to make sure it’s not running on a channel that conflicts with your wifi, I had this when I setup a new wifi mesh, within 30mins all zigbee devices went offline!

What is the difference between the two sticks linked in that thread? If able, should one go for the zzh! or the CC2652?

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Which Zigbee channel are you using ?

Which Wifi channel ? Which frequency ?

Xiaomi devices do work well globally. However they have a big issue : they do not change of parent repeater.
If the parent is for instance a Philips or IKEA bulb which is swiched off and not plugged in anymore, the Xiaomi device will not look for another repeater until you manually tell it to do so.

Interesting, I wasn’t aware of this and will need to run some tests.
I have noticed some devices seem to be connecting to ‘strange’ repeaters, as in repeaters that are further away when there are others closer.

Good info, thanks.

To find the Zigbee channel in ZHA, I added the below code to my configuration.yaml and restarted Home Assistant.

  default: info
    # log level for zha
    homeassistant.components.zha: debug

Then look in the home-assistant.log file in the file editor (it should be below the configuration.yaml file by a few files/folders).

The home-assistant.log file line for me looks like this

2021-02-18 07:05:39 INFO (MainThread) [bellows.zigbee.application] Node type: EmberNodeType.COORDINATOR, Network parameters: EmberNetworkParameters(extendedPanId=20:c9:c0:fc:53:91:99:f0, panId=0x9ee9, radioTxPower=8, radioChannel=15, joinMethod=<EmberJoinMethod.USE_MAC_ASSOCIATION: 0>, nwkManagerId=0x0000, nwkUpdateId=0, channels=<Channels.ALL_CHANNELS: 134215680>)

If you do a search for “radioChannel” in the file, it should take you right to it.

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How you can manually tell it connect to another router?

Press device button once will order the device to try to connect to its parent router, and press the button for five seconds will ask it to look for any other suitable router.