I am I really using the custom component? - Hive

Hi all,

I am trying to use the Hive custom component https://github.com/Pyhive/HA-Hive-Custom-Component It should override the built in Hive module.

But it doesn’t look any different from the built in Hive integration. It used to have a lot more entities?
What is there, works fine.
Is there a way to actually see what module has been loaded and is in use?
I tried to debug using:
custom_components.hive: debug
But saw nothing in the logs?


if you placed it in the custom_components folder, then it’s using the custom component. Also, the logs will say that you’re using a custom_component.

Yes, in the logs it says it is using it.
But does that mean it is definitely overriding the builtin?
Can I see what module was use to create the entities?


If it’s says that it’s using the custom component and it overwrote the original, then you’re using the custom one.

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