I am so impressed

I just had to make a post here to say I am completely impressed with Home Assistant!

I have been using a commercial hub (I will not say which brand) to manage my home network. This has been increasingly frustrating due to stability and performance issues, plus lack of integrations. I decided to try Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi and it has just blown me away!

The installation was a breeze, integration with my stuff (mainly zwave) was very easy, plus the auto-discovery pulled in a lot more things that I had not thought of. Iā€™m very impressed with the performance, quality, stability, rapid release cycle for new features and all round awesomeness!

My commercial hub has gone in the trash can

THANK YOU to everybody who put Home Assistant together


I just wanted to nearly post the same content. I am coming from openhab.
I gave up with openhab because of the small community, the lack of proper error messages and the concept which is not easy to understand. Happy to be here.

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