I am trying to get Alexa to announce Caller ID -- I need help please!

I have bought this modem StarTech.com USB56KEMH2 … I am very new to this. I just want to replace the Echo Connect that amazon discontinued. IPreformatted text think I need to create an automation. I have already installed HACS & have alexa media setup. I see my alexa devices. I saw that the entity of the modem is sensor.modem_callerid_ed4ac8c91cd73c3ddc783d7741affdb9 — I just want an automation that if my home phone is ringing the caller id is passed to the alexa devices and anounced (Like Panasonic phone talking caller id) I borrowed someone script and modified it to this & I keep getting an error stating ((( Message malformed: extra keys not allowed @ data[‘service’] ))))

service: notify.alexa_media
- media_player.spare_room_echo_spot
- media_player.spare_room_echo_show
- media_player.kitchen_echo_show
title: Incoming Call
message: >
{% set caller_info = states(‘sensor.modem_callerid_ed4ac8c91cd73c3ddc783d7741affdb9’) %}
{% if caller_info is match(“\d+$”) %}
Incoming call from {{ caller_info | regex_replace(find=‘(\d)’, replace=‘\1 ‘, ignorecase=False) }}
{% else %}
{% set parts = caller_info.split(’ ‘) %}
{% set name = parts[:-1] | join(’ ‘) %}
{% set number = parts[-1] %}
Incoming call from {{ name }} {{ number | regex_replace(find=’(\d)’, replace='\1 ', ignorecase=False) }}
{% endif %}
method: all
type: announce

In the “Then Do” option of automation page can I make it so it announces the actual caller ID information and not what I’m typing ?? I see message but what do I put inside that so it actually announces the caller id information from the modem_callerid_ed4ac8c91cd73c3ddc783d7741affdb9 — I can make it announce a message that I type but I want it to say something like : Incoming call from (Caller ID Name, & Number) I would also like it to repeat that //

I have tried this and it works but I keep hearing it say before it says the caller id – Call from None
service: notify.alexa_media_kitchen_echo_show
data: {
message: “Call from {{ state_attr(‘sensor.modem_callerid_ed4ac8c91cd73c3ddc783d7741affdb9’, ‘cid_name’) }}”