I can get snapshots but can't seem to get clips in my Frigate setup

I’m running Frigate in HA on a Proxmox VM in an Intel NUC. It’s catching people and I get snapshots but I can’t get clips. I get, “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

Is something missing in my config or someplace else? I’m very new to yaml and have reviewed the Frigate docs several times, tried various syntax but can’t figure it out.

My config is below.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  host: xxx.xxx.x.xxx
  user: Tom
  password: xxxxxxxxxxx

    type: cpu

        - path: rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0&authbasic=64
            - detect
            - record
      enabled: True
      width: 1280
      height: 720
      fps: 10
      enabled: True
        days: 7
        mode: motion
          default: 14
          mode: active_objects

This error is very generic and can mean a lot of different things. You need to check the frigate logs. If you see an error which says it can’t find the recording then record is likely not enabled.

Otherwise, it is either that your camera is h.265 and your browser does not support h.265 playback. In any case, you can go to chrome://media-internals/ in chrome which will show a log of why playback failed

Well, I’m lost so I’ll live with it for a while.

Thanks though.

OK I can’t let it go.

I have an Amcrest camera that can record either h.264 or h.265. Mine was set to h.264h. I changed it to h.264 but hat shouldn’t make any difference right?

My Frigate logs say, “No recordings found for the requested time range”, so that means record is not enabled. I thought my frigate.yml has recording enabled. Is something off in the config that I show in my original question?

It’s been a real slog trying to get this going but I appreciate the help I’m getting here.

It is enabled in your config but it can still be disabled in the webUI / HA integration.

Other than that, you need to make sure that you have passed /etc/localtime to the container in docker.

In frigate 0.12 a lot of this is made simpler / fixed

Frigate isn’t in a Docker container, it’s a VM. Is that still needed?

I’m not sure where I should look in the webUI/HA integration to confirm it’s enabled. Believe me I’ve looked.

I’m assuming I have the latest Frigate as it’s only been a few weeks since I installed it. How can I confirm that?

Many thanks.

Frigate only runs in docker, so you are either running docker in the VM or you are running the HA OS addon (which is just a docker container)

If the icons are blue then it is on

0.11.1 is the current latest stable, 0.12 is in beta

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Boy I must be losing it.

I installed HA using a script from here which, I think, creates a VM not a container.

I think my camera is on as I can see it live (screenshot) and I can get snapshots. Not clips though.

That doesn’t matter. Frigate is only available to be run in a container, so it is either running in docker in a VM or it is running in an LXC container (in your case).

Go to the main cameras screen. Live view means nothing as that is always enabled

I guess, although I thought this was a virtual machine. I do have a container but here’s nothing in it right now.

Sorry but where’s the main camera page? Is it this?

From my Devices tab. I think I have all the switches on.

You’re running HA OS, so like I said previously that means you are running frigate in an addon (which is just a docker container)

With all that being said, the only reason you wouldn’t have clips at this point is if there are other errors in your logs. Other than that I really have no idea

Just as FYI

Clips are just date/time. When viewing a clip it will be created from the recorded video.

No recorded video. No clip.

Missing recording has many cause
-slow storage
-bad storage
-ffmpeg stop
-out of memory and recording stop for current period and restarted
-and on and on

For this reason lioking at logs will help.
But how to do this? I look at logs using portainer. It allows log viewing. There is also log stored but i dont know how to access im addon.

Anyway, find the log and it will either tell you theres a problem or not. You also not using coral i believe. This may lead to out of memory and no recording. But, no log no know why

OK thanks all. I’ll dig into the logs once I find out how to access them.

They logs are just under the addon. Settings → addons → frigate → logs

Yes, thanks, I saw this previously but thought there should be more information.

Remote =>]
[2023-03-01 12:15:21] frigate.http                   ERROR   : No recordings found for the requested time range
[2023-03-01 12:15:21] frigate.http                   ERROR   : Event does not have recordings: 1677663575.284544-20nfzz
[2023-03-01 12:15:23] frigate.http                   ERROR   : Event does not have recordings: 1677663575.284544-20nfzz
[2023-03-01 12:15:35] ws4py                          INFO    : Managing websocket [Local => | Remote =>]
[2023-03-01 12:15:56] ws4py                          INFO    : Terminating websocket [Local => | Remote =>]
[2023-03-01 12:50:47] ws4py                          INFO    : Managing websocket [Local => | Remote =>]
[2023-03-01 12:50:54] ws4py                          INFO    : Terminating websocket [Local => | Remote =>]

If you go to the media/frigate folder in your file system do you see recordings being saved?

No nothing in Recordings. Lots in Snapshots and Clips but, of course, clips won’t play.