I can install esp-01 but it doesn't work

Try using a different power supply. The 3.3V output of the TTL Module may not be able to provide enough current to run the ESP8266.

How do I see log records?

I give 3.3v power to normal 3.3v gnd and ch pin. It doesn’t work even if there is no sensor.


You also need a pull-up resistor on RST. But, you said that it had been working?

Do you see anything when you point your browser to the IP address of the ESP-01?
A free utility that might help find the IP of the ESP device is Advanced IP Scanner.

In the esphome frontend.

I tried but it doesn’t work

It’s a representative diagram but the connections are like this

On the ESP-01, you have to tie GPIO0 to GROUND to enable flashing. You should disconnect GPIO0 from GROUND after the firmware has loaded.

Post your logs

There is no problem with the installation, it installs. While it was already working, it suddenly stopped working.

the logs are in post 16 above. There are no other log records, I think that’s the problem anyway.

No they aren’t.

I don’t see any other log entries. ESP does not turn on by itself, how can it provide log records?

Plug the device into the computer running esphome: that is probably the computer running HA.

Then get the logs from esphome.

Here are the topic logs you mentioned, they should be in the 4th message, but there are no log records.

Where are?

I don’t think “topic logs” means anything

Post 4 is a message from @orange-assistant telling you to ask a better question

Assuming you mean post 5, that is not what I was asking for. Please read my message and give what has been requested, because no one can help at this point

Maybe use something like putty (serial port / SSH tool) to view the raw data from the ESP32’s TX pin.

Unless your board is completely fried, which it shouldn’t be since you can program it, then the ESP32 will output something.

You need a pullup resistor on RST. 4K7 to 10K will work. Without it the ESP will be very unreliable.