I can not add a service in configuration.yaml and see it in the home

Hello everyone.
I introduce myself, my name is Michael. I do not speak English very well. so sorry if I make mistakes. I start with home assistant. I can not add a service in configuration.yaml and see it in the home.
I modify the configuration.yaml file with visual studio. I installed samba too.
when I modify the configuration file, I restart home asistant in configuration / general / server management restart.
I would like to test the location icloud, tado, zwave. :slight_smile:

if someone wants to help me to start. it would be great. thank you in advance

Welcome Michael.

A service is a specific thing in Home Assistant but I suspect you are talking about something else. Can you give a specific example with corresponding lines in your configuration.yaml? Also are there any messages in the error console?

thank you for the answer.
yes for example tado

I put the following lines in configuration.yaml.

username: [email protected]
password: monpassword


but after I do not see what to do.

Can you format your yaml code properly? See FAQ specifically part 11.

I don’t use tado so someone else may have more direct experience, but I would compare your device tracker configuration to the tado documentation you linked to. The platform is tado in the docs, but you have Google maps in your config.

yes sorry

    platform: google_maps
    username: [email protected]
    password: monpassword

You are missing a hyphen and change to tado

  - platform: tado
    username: [email protected]
    password: monpassword

I hope this isn’t your real password

when i added the yaml code correctly to have for example device_tracker, and google maps. I have to add a file in Hass.io?

no :slight_smile:
thank you i test this