I can not add Yamaha Receiver as media_player to Music Assistant MASS

I can setup Music Assistant smoothly with Ikea Sonos speakers (mediaplayers).

But I can not add my Yamaha Receiver as media_player. I just can’t select it in the MASS setup, nor can I copy the yamaha’s entity ID to the setup. The yamaha media player is add via MusicCast integration and working properly on its own.

I have the following media_players in my setup, all working OK on their own as a mediaplayer.

In the setup of Music Assistant (MASS) I do not have the option to select the Yamaha Receiver:


Why can’t I select the Yamaha Receiver media_player? Pasting the entity ID in the selection field returns an errror:

Who can help me solve this?

My current environment is:

  • Music Assistant: v2022.11.0
  • Home Assistant 2022.11.4
  • Supervisor 2022.11.2
  • Operating System 9.3
  • Frontend 20221108.0 - latest

I was able to run MASS smoothly with the Yamaha Receiver with a (former) MASS version (a couple of weeks ago?) that would only run on a HA beta version: Home Assistant 2022.11.0b1. That worked fine.

edits: complete re-write to clearify the issue better.

Are you talking about 2022.11.2? If so, there have been no changes to yamaha_musiccast recently.

If not, HA never released a 2020.11.2 version.

Also I can’t find much on the Music Assistant github, except this Yamaha MusicCast support · music-assistant · Discussion #409 · GitHub

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No, I mentioned the wrong version. Anyhow, I adjusted my original post to clearify my issue.