I can not get to the web interface

i have ran ha on a pi 4 and i needed to re-flash ha on to a new usb and it seemed normal but i can not login to the web dashboard it is just the crome time out page or the connection refused HELP PLZ

Hi @that-one-cosplay-adm

Here are some things to try:

  • Have you tried connecting a display to the Pi’s HDMI connector to see if anything looks bad when you start up?

  • Is it possible HA now has a different IP address and you are still trying to use the old one?

  • Are any automations you have set up still running and doing things automatically? If you are using Alexa or Google Home, can you still control things?

i have the displa cected and it is just normal and i do have the ip from my rooter and it is the same i have just restarted it for the 90th time so

What are you using as the address for the web page?