I can see samba share under media. But cant write

I have HAOS_OVA-9.4 running in kvm.

What i am trying to so is storing the pictures taken by the camera trigered by motion in the network drive.

I have used

  mount_nas_folder: mkdir -p /media/Pictures;mount -t cifs -o vers=3.0,noserverino,username=agas,password=***,domain=WORKGROUP // /media/Pictures

and automation to get this running every restart.

From media on the side bar when I navigate i can see the files that are in the network drive.
But when i do this
Images are not in the network folder. They end up in local /media/Pictures which i can see when the mount is active.

What am i doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance.


In order to be able to access external folders you need to explicitly whitelist them. Something like

    - /tmp

please refer: [Folder permissions] Can’t write ‘/tmp/x.jpg’, no access to path!

added this to configuration.yaml but nothing changed :frowning:

  - /media/Pictures