I cannot restore home assistant backup

Please help !!!
I have an HA on Rpi4 + SSD + Debian11 + Docker. After the crash, I installed a clean system. I’m trying to restore Google Backup. However, after rebooting, the system does not wake up anymore. I have tried several times. I only have access to SSH.

It’s 2 days I’m in the exact same situation. I’ve tried everything I knew, also via CLI. No backup can be restored anymore. Also, if I try a fresh install of an old version of HAOS, like 7.1, it doesn’t boot up until it has been connected to the internet and performed an update of supervisor and core. Therefore I cannot even try with older backups.

Actual config: Core 2022.03.3 / Supervisor 2022.03.3 / HAOS 7.4
Latest Backup: HA 2022.03.1

Please someone point us out of this situation! :wink:

I’m having a similar issue. I was/am running core-2021.8.4 with OS 6.2 and have a separate fresh install of core-2022.3.3 with OS 7.4

On the startup/onboarding screen I select restore from backup and try a partial restore of everything except HA itself but when I click “Restore” nothing happens. I thought it might be due to the version delta between my backup and the target version I’m trying to restore into but I’ve seen enough comments recently about restores not working that makes it sound like there’s another issue in the mix here?

I have the same problem, is is broken at the moment Can't restore folders from a backup in Supervisor 2022.03.2 · Issue #3501 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub
There is a fix submitted, but there is no stable/beta release at the moment.
We have to wait for an hotfix, there is nothing we can do at the moment.

Hey guys, I was able to restore a backup by downgrading the Core version and then restoring my backup.
I ran the following command line :slight_smile:
core update --version 2021.12.4

After a while, had a prompt saying the operation was successful, then I was able to restore my backup (had to wait quite a long time though).

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Do you think you can quantify the time? I have a 238MB Full Restore and it’s been running for 4 hours, but the command line looks like nothing is happening…makes me think it failed.

It’s been a while but I don’t think I had to wait this long :confused:
Sorry cannot be of more help