I cannot restore home assistant backup

Please help !!!
I have an HA on Rpi4 + SSD + Debian11 + Docker. After the crash, I installed a clean system. I’m trying to restore Google Backup. However, after rebooting, the system does not wake up anymore. I have tried several times. I only have access to SSH.

It’s 2 days I’m in the exact same situation. I’ve tried everything I knew, also via CLI. No backup can be restored anymore. Also, if I try a fresh install of an old version of HAOS, like 7.1, it doesn’t boot up until it has been connected to the internet and performed an update of supervisor and core. Therefore I cannot even try with older backups.

Actual config: Core 2022.03.3 / Supervisor 2022.03.3 / HAOS 7.4
Latest Backup: HA 2022.03.1

Please someone point us out of this situation! :wink:

I’m having a similar issue. I was/am running core-2021.8.4 with OS 6.2 and have a separate fresh install of core-2022.3.3 with OS 7.4

On the startup/onboarding screen I select restore from backup and try a partial restore of everything except HA itself but when I click “Restore” nothing happens. I thought it might be due to the version delta between my backup and the target version I’m trying to restore into but I’ve seen enough comments recently about restores not working that makes it sound like there’s another issue in the mix here?

I have the same problem, is is broken at the moment Can't restore folders from a backup in Supervisor 2022.03.2 · Issue #3501 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub
There is a fix submitted, but there is no stable/beta release at the moment.
We have to wait for an hotfix, there is nothing we can do at the moment.

Hey guys, I was able to restore a backup by downgrading the Core version and then restoring my backup.
I ran the following command line :slight_smile:
core update --version 2021.12.4

After a while, had a prompt saying the operation was successful, then I was able to restore my backup (had to wait quite a long time though).

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Do you think you can quantify the time? I have a 238MB Full Restore and it’s been running for 4 hours, but the command line looks like nothing is happening…makes me think it failed.

It’s been a while but I don’t think I had to wait this long :confused:
Sorry cannot be of more help

Had the same issue.

Went into the fresh install and updated to the most recent HA version.

Once updated I re-ran backup and it worked.

what was your result? I am doing a 170MB full restore and I have been waiting for 30 minutes but not sure how to check if the restore is actually happening…

Did any of you ever solve it ? I have a full backup (730MB) and went from a Pi4 2gb to a Pi4 4gb the backup is a day old and I cant restore the backup, I do a fresh install and am able to acces the onboarding screen then I upload the backup and nothing works anymore, I have waited for several hours.

Happened to me as well. My raspberry pi 3 died few days ago… The house bell is not working… nothing… need to press with the finger on the button to turn on the light . Crazy :rofl:

Anyway, got myself new pi 4, installed new fresh hassio and did the restore… boom. Nothing work again… connected the pi to screen saw the cli waiting for something… connected a keyboard ans started to play. Ran ‘host reboot’, after a while a full reboot was made… but still no result. Played a bit more. And then ran ‘core restart’…
And then waiting…

:partying_face: Works great…

Note that after the new installation the up address is different… so maybe it smart before doing the restore to change the IP to the old one. And then do the restore. I didn’t do it though.

Hope it helps someone

I’m experiencing this problem as well. Was hoping to migrate from a VM running in unraid to bare metal , however after 10 hours the restore has not completed. I notice that the heatsink on the cpu is very hot (wyse 5060 passive cooled) so something is happening.
I’ve also created another VM in unraid and have tried restoring a backup on that with exactly the same result, the cpu has been at 100% usage for many hours.

I am in the same boat and I am extra frustrated because I have a second HASS install at another location that I recently migrated to a different machine with zero issues. Now I have tried restoring a backup of my home setup to two different Raspberry Pis with no luck

had the same problem. A CLI restore eventually worked a bit. Most was restored. Had to reinstall a few addos, reinstall mqtt , mariadb, reconfigre zigbeed2mqtt. Finally after a full day, my ha is working.

I need help if anyone knows how to get out of this mess.

Following the last update several devices started to malfunction. So I decided to downgrade.

First I tried to restore from HA without success. As it didn’t work, I tested two methods explained in the french forum: make a clean installation (therefore erase everything) then restore from the welcome message or create an account before importing a backup and restoring.

Nothing works.

In both cases after clicking on restore, nothing more happens. I waited a whole night before restarting. Nothing changed. Therefore a new and virgin HA.

I’m on a Raspberry Pi4
OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD

I made an disk image of my SSD under Windows, sector by sector before erasing in the first place. But when I restore this disk image, the system does not boot.

I tried :

  • Complete restore on a new install
  • Restore first the core then the addons and the files on a new install
  • Restore the files and the addons then the core on a new install
  • Clean install on SD card and restore in this system

→ In all cases only the restore of addons works

  • Restore disk image of my SSD made with HDClone X.4
  • Reinstall on SD card, after core update

→ The system does not start

Archives files are clean : I can open and browse it. I’m trying to restore manually by copying files, but it doesn’t work for now.

Another hassle: I can no longer connect in SSH on the RPI using Putty. I put a ‘ssh’ file at the root of the SD card, but the connection is refused (I can ping via windows). I don’t know how to access the bootloader to target the SD (and not the SSD) because it is accessible in SSH! Over the internet there is a lot of resources to switch from SD to SSD but not the other way around…

I’m considering redoing everything from scratch but before that I need a working backup system, no way to redo everything and lose everything again.

If anyone knows what to do, thanks for the help, this is my worst experience with HA since I began last february.

I’m in disbelief, but after 6 hours my restore actually completed. A 250mb backup took 6 hours. Give your restore more time and see what happens

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@ifeign Thank you so much for this post. I was hopeless, when after 2-3 hours I just started over, because couldn’t accept the fact that it might take sooooo long. Thanks to you I found patience and after 4 hours (150Mb backup) it finished successfully. For me the restore process is crap - no heartbeat, no indication of progress, nothing.


Hi, same problem here.

Good that I found this post and had patience to wait…left it during the night and in the next morning the backup was restored and HA running fully functional.

Before reading this post I had tried to restore several times from fresh HA installation in the believe that nothing worked…

Is there any way to track the restore process? Logs?

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My HA crashed big time yesterday when I tried to update to 2023.9.3. HA never woke up anymore after I started that update. I tried to restore from backup, but nothing happened. I found this thread and understood that it should take time (my backup is 1.9 GB), but things went a bit uncomfortable because it was getting dark and I couldn’t control my lights etc!

Anyway, I let the restore process running for full 12 hours, and still nothing. So, I started from scratch using this guide: Home Assistant: Ultimate Restore Guide thinking that since my backup was over 1GB, I could just drag-and-drop my backup file straight from Google Drive to HA (although it seemed to work at least since restoring process started). Anyway, now I tried that over 1GB size method, and although it has been running only 25 minutes now, I fear this is not working either. I think next I will try partial restore, if that works one part at time… I just have to get this working today, and if backups don’t work, then my home automation is in unacceptable state. I remember restoring from backup maybe 2 years ago, and things worked just fine, but then I had a lot smaller system. Still, it should be crucial to show user SOME PROGRESS about restoring process!

same issues occurs to me.

I am about to reinstall my supervised installation based on debian. But before I’ll do it, I started a test if restoring a backup acutally works.
Therefore I created a supervised HA VM and on the onboarding screen I did “restore from backup”. Based on CPU utilization it seems that something happens for around 30min before the system idles. The process is called "python3 -m supervisor.
But the system never gets done and after a reboot (after 24h of waiting) I get to the onboarding page again.

I also tried to create a dummy account first and then restore a backup from the settings menu. This somehow crashes the entire system and even after reboot it is not accessible anymore.

My backup file is ~1.4GB. The HA version of the system where the backup was taken and the target restore system are both 2023.9.3.

Is there any other way to restore a backup? Maybe copy all files manually etc.