I can't access to Home Assistant from external LAN

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I have Raspberry (OS: Raspbian - 4 GB RAM) with the last version of Home Assistant. No problems about installation of Home Assistant :slight_smile:

If I want to access to Home Assistan with IP LAN (es:, I haven’t errors: it is OK!

But I want to access to Home Assistan from Internet (es: with my smartphone with 3G/4G, without using my WiFi), I can’t access: I see an error, from Chrome I have ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (I know always my public IP)

Port-forwading is OK:
Internal Port: 8123; External Port: 8123; IP address: (always, this IP doesn’t change).

I check my public IP + port 8123: it is ok (I check with this online tool: https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/). The port is opened!

From my Raspberry (Raspbian):
sudo netstat -pant | grep 8123

tcp   0   0   *                       LISTEN                 4510/python3
tcp   0   0       ESTABLISHED    4510/python3


  1. IP of my Raspberry is always
  2. I know always my public IP
  3. no problem if I use my WiFi, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED if I want to access HA from outside

Where is my error(s)?

If you don’t have ssl on home assistant then turn the port forwarding off now