I can't get Groups working

I’ m tring to setup two groups so i can trigger automations when house is empty or someone arrives.
I put this in configuration.yaml

group: !include_dir_merge_list groups/

and this in a file in groups folder called group1.yaml

 name: mylights
    - switch.bf91f02356a4f11df8dbdx
    - switch.interruptor3

 name: family
      - person.ha

but no new entities called family or mylights in developer tools (it should appear there right?)
what i m doing wrong?
and the next step would to set up a automation so that these lights go on if someone in the group arrives at home and its night.

thanks a lot!

Your include appears off to me.
With your groups directory at the same level as your configuration.yaml it should be

group: !include_dir_merge_list groups

After a restart your groups should be listed in developer tools.

it doesn’t work (even without the /)
i just changed it to default group: !include groups.yaml and put the group in group.yaml and it works…so not sure what its wrong as i’m doing exactly the same for sensors. i really dont have the need to use another directory for groups so i will use groups.yaml

Permissions on the created folder perhaps?

include_dir_merge_list will look only for YAML list elements (things with the ‘-’)

You need include_dir_merge_named.

group: !include_dir_merge_named groups/