I can't get Portainer to work with anything

No matter what docker container i try to install i allways get

“Failure starting container with non-empty request body was deprecated since API v1.22 and removed in v1.24”

All i want to do is install OwnCloud on HA so if anybody knows how to fix Portainer or any other way to run OwnCloud Please help me

What type of Home Assistant installation do you have?

version: core-2021.10.4
installation_type: Home Assistant OS

This is not what the Portainer addon is for. It says so quite clearly in the documentation.

If you want to install and manage your own containers you need to install Home Assistant using the Container method.

Oh yes yes i knew that but it looks like the only way to easly run docker containers inside of home assistant

Nope. Not what it is for. It says so quite clearly, it is for debugging only.

Allright sir this was so helpfull

Thanks for your time