I cant install HA

I cant install HA always im getting no any buttons after first login. screen
I tried HA image and on raspi always the same

As many information you share in your question, so many chance you have on good answer.
In this case, that’s not many…

Well what i need to write? Installation on raspberry pi 4

I remember seeing that screen once after a fresh install. Clear your browser cache.

I’m afraid its not browser i tried to use 3 different browsers

anyway i clear cache and still the same

raspberry is new board

I would suggest download the image again. And also make sure your internet credentials are correct. First setup takes a lot of time because files are downloaded from the internet. I know error handling could be better. So maybe a connection error here isn’t shown.

Also check dev tools F12 in your browser. Is the network tab showing errors?

I’m afraid I bought it damaged rasphery. I replaced the power supply and still the same. When I connect the monitor HA sends a lot of strange requests thank you for your help.

Try another SD card, and don’t use Balena Etcher to write your image. Raspberry Pi imager or USBImager are better. Balena Etchers is known to cause problems.

I’ll try. Im using rufus? Thank you

I bought a new SD card but it’s still the same. I found something like this Stuck on "onboarding.html" - #11 by mmww0703 but after adding “integration” after “analytics” i got error 404

The information you provide is still much too sparse.

Which installation method did you use?

If you seriously expect the community to help you it would be wise to read the hints behind the link BebeMischa has provided :+1:t3:

Yes :slightly_smiling_face: I tried both