I can't reach the HA control panel

Hello, i’ve installed HAos onto a VM on my truenas server, i can use the webvnc to see inside the vm and i get this:

As you can see HAos is fully booted, but when to reach the ip in the browser i see this:


And i can ping the VM:
Since i can ping this i don’t think that it’s a problem with the VM it self for installing the software i used this tutorial:

Any idea why i can’t reach the webui ?

Wrong port? :slight_smile:

Are you adding the port to the ip address? You need to use Without :8123 it will refuse connection.

OMG I FEEL SO STUPID. This was the solution, i’ve tried so many network things (even a dedicated nic just for the vm) and i didn’t notice the port… thank you A LOT

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