I can't use VMware virtual machine to start normally in win10 system

The error shown in the figure often occurs when win10 system is started with VMware virtual machine, but it can be started with other virtual machines, and win11 can be used normally with VMware.

The win10 system is shown in the figure after the VMware virtual machine is started

I don’t know what logs you need and what logs I can provide

Second pic shows HA is started, thou you got no network, either you made wrong choices configuring you Guest, so it didn’t get right network interface(or drivers) ( Don’t use wifi )
in ha-console, type " net info -h " or start with just typing -h … and go on from there

The first picture will prompt failed. What is the reason for the error in the first picture?

Well it actually says it’s OK, if you read line above, and right under … it’s just had some “timeout/troubles” getting the “task” done
And if the 2 pics are from same Machine, you see the result in second … You have no IP number, because HA can’t contact DHCP server … can be many reasons for this, some i mentioned above, could also just be a Ethernet cable that is not properly attached etc, a quick test and a new restart will exclude this

These two pictures are indeed running in the virtual machine under the same win10 system, but for this reason, some plug-ins cannot be downloaded, so the homeassistant system cannot be used. Is there a way to solve this problem, because I don’t want to switch to win11 system every time. Although the two systems are on the same computer, I still like to use win10 system, which is more convenient to use.

Are you saying you have 2 Guests in your VMware, that uses same “bridged” network interface ?

In addition to installing plug-ins with virtual machines, only one client is running and using bridge mode at each startup.

I would suggest you skip the auto-startup of VMware + HA, in troubleshooting purpose, make sure you have the right settings on your HA-Guest-images, and that you not just “switched”, from wifi to ethernet, after installing HA, first then you should go on to see whether HA have problems to find your DHCP server ( i assume that you used ha-default settings for this ) if you still ends up in ha-console, try with checking network, and go on from there

Neither my virtual machine nor computer uses wireless network to connect to the network, but after HA starts normally, when I log in to the background with web page, I find that the connection between IPv4 and IPv6 has been disabled. This problem occurs as long as I run the HA hard disk file just downloaded in the VMware virtual machine of win10. This is certainly not a setting problem.

im not sure what you mean here

Nor this for that matter …define “Background” …PS: i believe you mean “Foreground/Frontend”

You can look at the place I circled with a red pen. That’s what I mean.

Can you translate Chinese? I feel there may be some problems communicating with you like this. If I can, it’s more convenient for me to communicate with you in Chinese.

OK, yes when you login to HA you come to the “Frontend” Not Backend :wink: …and your pic, shows that both Protocols are disabled, nothing to do with …

In some cases it’s needed to disable ipv6, but depending on your network, you could run with both enabled, atleast ipv4, have to be enabled

Try to enable ipv4 and Reboot Host, if it works ok, then enable ipv6 ( When / If ) you encounter problems related to this, or just enabled it after reboot, and checks if that breaks anything

I have a handful of Chinese friends, and worked for a week in Guangzho , we speak english, as they dont understand Danish or Swedish :wink:

PS: Thou i could write in Danish, then you can try to translate :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t write Danish or Swedish. That’s the only way to communicate. I use Baidu translation in China, which may make you unable to understand. I’m sorry.
What’s wrong with this? When I first used it in win10 system, it was normal, but I went to win11 and upgraded VMware. Of course, both systems read the same VMware file.

Or you can try to help me solve it by direct remote control?

It’s ok, yes i think some translation is not accurate, when translating from Chinese, even Google can’t handle it wel, same goes for Thai, Tagalog(philippines) , many African languages is the same … so as this Forum is English, and you need/want to learn English better … the right way forward is for you to keep “fighting” :slight_smile: , you’l learn by that … And im for sure gave up easily trying to understand Chinese :laughing: … no offend

No problem

I have no idea, i don’t use win11, so also not VMware in win11 … could be tons of reasons, just choose one way that works, and stick to that, or/and install win11+vmware on another machine( and install NEW HA on that, see if it matters
And running simultaneous HA, or 2 or more Guests in VMware, can also cause alot “confusions/problems” … so make life easier, start simple, experiment when you get “familiar” with what you are doing