I did a thing, Weather Station kit for ESP32 on HA via ESPHOME

I had many issues finding any practical information that I could use to get a Spark Fun Weather Station Kit working 100% on Home Assistant. There are a couple out there that are somewhat similar but the part I was stuck on for a couple days was the wind direction. IT seems that my sensor kit is not Spark Fun brand, but Libelium branded. I also paid 300 for it and not 75…but that is beside the point.

Long story short, I made a github thing that people can scope out and see more details on what I did and how I did it.

It came down to figuring out the ADC and resistance sensor and using that to read the output.

I will be updating this again once I print the container and get my mast set up installed.

Originally I wanted to install this and send the data to weather underground or like accuweather since there is a distinct lack of devices in my area, but they stopped that practice.

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