I don’t quite understand community integrations (bad nest)

So I’ve installed hacs, and installed the repo. Are the integrations automatically enabled? I just edit the yaml? Or should the integration now appear under add integrations?

HACS is only used to install custom integrations (custom components). It’s not required for any built-in integration.

Once HACS is running you should be able to browse thru the different headings and choose to install the integrations from the list.

Once installed you have to either configure the integration thru the integrations ui page or thru yaml config (depending on the requirements of the integration)


Note: HACS should also discover existing HACS installed items, so if you uninstall it and reinstall it, it’ll find the items. Also uninstalling HACS doesn’t uninstall your items, just removes the edit GUI.

Once you’ve installed something with HACS just follow the documentation for that something. That will be found in the repository for that custom component, for example here for BadNest.