I don't have much expectations but will ask it anyway


once one is able to expose devices from Hassio to HomeKitis, I’m wondering if it possible to have homebridge exposing native HomeKit compatible devices in hassio?


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Sort of. Setup some dummy switches that can be read/set from both sides. Then set a HomeKit automation to turn on the switch or off. Then HA can read that change to do something as well.

This works well to get home/away working well.

+1 - I’m using an input Boolean each for my wife and I and an automation in HomeKit to toggle them when we arrive and leave.

I do have a couple of Elgato Eve Energy wall sockets. This product is only compatible with HomeKit. I wonder if I will ever be able to command them from HA interface. Anybody?

Reiterating what @jwelter mentioned about dummy switches/input booleans. This is probably your best bet. Create a input boolean in HA, expose it to Homebridge, and use an automation in the Home app to switch on/off the Elgato switch in response to the input boolean. Then whenever you manipulate the input boolean in HA, the actual switch will respond.

Mmmm, Cool! I did not get it initially, but I must say it is a nice trice. Could anybody provide further guidance on how to set up that boolean? I will look it up here anyway, but I assume we are taking about a Boolean software button right?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry on a flight right now but lookup input_boolean in the HA docs

I’ve managed to set this up. So far, I’m achieving the basic behaviour expected: When set the boolean to true in HA, I’ve managed for Homekit to “see” it and switch on the Elgato Eve Energy. When the boolean is back to 0, Homekit switches off the Elgato Eve Energy. However, I’m struggling with exposing the input boolean via Homebridge. Let me just copy my customize.yaml file:

core-ssh:~# cat /config/customize.yaml
      homebridge_cover_type: rollershutter
      friendly_name: Persiana menjador
      homebridge_visible: true
	  friendly_name: toggle Elgato Eve ampli
	  homebridge_visible: true

I would appreciate your support in solving the two problems I found:

  1. I just can’t manage to expose the input boolean the way I want. I’ve managed to expose it only by enabling global visibility in homebridge (“setting default_visibility”: “visible”). As soon as I set global visibility to hidden, the input boolean disappears. In the output above I can confirm the cover works as expected but the input boolean doesn’t.
  2. Is there anyway to have home assistant become aware of the activity in HomeKit? with my current setup, if I toggle the boolean in HA, the homekit automation will toogle the state of the Eve Energy, but if I switch on the Eve Energy, I did not manage to have HomeKit modfiy the input boolean.

Problem #2 above is much less important than #1. This is what my configuration.yaml looks like:

    name: Enable amplifier via Elgato Eve
    icon: mdi:power-socket-eu

and this is the entity generated

Many thanks in advance,

Not sure what’s going on re #1. Re #2 you need to set up HomeKit automations to toggle the input Boolean when the eve energy changes state.

I already tried that but didn’t work. I will put #2 on hold until #1 works.
Re #1, I really struggled to get Homebridge up and running with my roller shutter, and hoped I had already managed to get the hang of it, but it does not appear to be the case.
I would appreciate any tip you guys could give me.

Can you check and see if input_boolean is included in the supported_types section of the homebridge config? I think it probably is, or else I would think that it shouldn’t be working with global_viability: true. But that’s all I can think of.

is anybody using global visibility = hidden and only exposing a few entities like me? there is something fishy but I can’t put my finger on it. When I expose all the entities enabling global visibility, I can confirm that not even the exposed input boolean is named with the friendly name I given to it on my customize.yaml file.

I’m personally not using global_visability hidden. I can’t remember if I ever tried it when I initially set things up. I am using supported type to limit what is making into homebridge. This is probably worth submitting a issue on the homebridge-homeassistant github.

You mentioned that the cover is working fine? is it getting the friendly name? Try using homebridge_name

The cover is working just fine. I see it, and only it, exposed through Homebridge with the friendly name (thus, the customize.yaml file is being properly parsed during Homebridge start up).

I must say that your approach sounds pretty smart. That way you make sure that if your roll out devices that have already been approved, they will show up. If I was to follow your model, the only setback would be that still hass.io would not be using my friendly name.

Many many thanks for your help. I may file a bug report.