I fried my HA Blue / Odroid, any options to repair?

So I accidentally plugged the wrong power supply in the Odroid. 48V instead of the needed 12V. It appears totally dead. But before I dump it I just wanted to check if there is anything at all that might possibly revive it? It doesn’t seem to have a fuse. I don’t know if that would have made a difference though.

If you can see the printed circuit board (PCB) you should be able to identify any burned/fried/blistered components around the power jack. Those should definitely be replaced. More than likely, it burned a few surface mount components, against most of them closely located near the power jack. I don’t have an Odroid, so I’m not familiar with the layout. But I wish you luck in reviving your now-defunct board.

Thanks @FredTheFrog! Nothing looks burned. I just removed the heat sink and checked the underside too.