I give up. Where is the ha command line documentation reference guide?

Why is everything in this tool so god damn difficult and overly complex? All I want to do is setup my host on a wifi network with a static IP. God forbid I should just be able to edit the wpa_supplicants.conf file. No no, that’s in some insane read-only filesystem for some stupid reason. So then I found this remix solution that apparently doesn’t work now. Then I found the CONFIG usb option but that doesn’t work? Booting my RPi with multiple USB drives? That’s a solution huh? Versus… editing a file. So now I’m trying to use the command line at the console. But the help files don’t have pagination (haha of course not). So it’s impossible to read on the terminal like, literally, 50 years of Unix has taught us to do. After an hour or so of losing my mind on Google I finally figured out how to use the hidden commands of ha to drop into the OS shell where EVERYTHING IS STILL READ ONLY. Scratch that. Apparently the hidden command “login” only drops you into some sort of stupid castrated shell. God almighty.

So, where are the man pages for the ha commands? How do I use it to connect to a wifi, set a static IP, and retain it across reboots.

Is this not in the GUI now? In settings > system > network (but you still have to install it first using Ethernet).

Advanced configuration using cli documentation is here: https://github.com/home-assistant/operating-system/blob/8d6b4eb11bbd5cb71ce113d15a50550b088f80c3/Documentation/network.md

You don’t need the command line. It is available from the settings menu.

Settings → System → Network, then pick your wifi adaptor.

BTW using wifi for a server connection is a terrible idea.


It sounds to me like you are using HA OS. So there are limitations.

But you also seem to have some knowledge of Linux based OS’s. If that’s the case then you should just run your HA in Docker on a Linux (Debian) OS so you have total control over everything.

I wouldn’t consider myself any kind of Linux expert and that’s how I run HA.

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