I got stuck... no addons

Half a year ago, I bought a mini computer with a j1900 intel processor. My plan was to make a combined NAS and home automation computer. I’m pretty noob at this. I know a little Linux and I’m not afraid of the terminal. So my plan was just to install with no desktop.
So I picked up were I left many months ago, and found that I got stuck installing the cc2351 usb device (with zigbee2mqtt). The guides I found seemingly prerequisites that I installed hass.io, ass I would need addons. But I guess I’ve only installed core.
What I have now is Debian 10 with OpenMediaVault, Docker and portainer installed and Home Assistant with docker - as far as I know.
I’m thinking about starting from scratch, but I’m unsure where to go from here. The most important thing for me, would be to have a system that is as easy maintainable, for someone how is not hard core at Linux.
Help appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

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