I have 30 new Meross MSS315 Matter plugs, should I add them using Meross or Matter?

For info I have Home Assistant Yellow.
I have around 30 new Meross MSS315 Matter plugs, added to an IOT network and a fixed IP address. Should I add them to Home Assistant via Matter or the Meross connector (via HACS)?
Mostly I want to monitor energy usage - looking for whatever’s the most reliable method?

Last I heard Matter does not support energy monitoring yet, so for that you’d probably need the Meross integration.

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How did you solve this?

Some questions and reflections:

  • When I tested, Matter devices weren’t working with the Meross connector.

  • Matter doesn’t support network segmentation. So HA and any phones etc you are using for onboarding must also be on the IoT network.

  • Do you have fixed IPv6 addresses on your Meross devices? It’s not needed as Matter uses anyway local link addresses (like mac addresses). (but it doesn’t harm if you have it, or if it’s IPv4)

  • Hopefully, energy monitoring will be supported in the upcoming v1.3 of Matter, probably due later this month. Until it’s released and implemented in HA, you can only use the Meross app to view the data.

I have my self 7 of the MS115 but they are primarily connected to Apple Home.

I have some connection problems with them. Meross app says sometimes they are not connected but they are available in Apple Home and respond to ping (both IPv4 and IPv6). The plan is to get rid of the Meross app when Energy Monitoring is implemented in Matter.

When expanding with more power plugs I will also only use Thread-based because it then also helps me build a very good Thread network for sensors and other battery-powered Matter devices.

I’ve had a number of issues with Matter, so ended up using the Meross plug-in. They’re still available in HomeKit with Matter, but HASS using IP
I also segregated a load of IoT devices including the Meross ones into their own network on a 2.4ghz only wifi and fixed their IP addresses through DHCP reservation. To be honest, I’ve had no issues since adding them including from the Meross App - however that’s a bit slow generally compared to HASS, but other Matter devices, well…

When you write fixed IP addresses, do you mean IPv4 och IPv6?

I have firmware 9.5.39 but read that some users are testing 9.5.61, which version do you have?

IPv4 and 9.5.35