I have a light intensity sensor for estimating PV power capacity for better power management

  • how can I enter a light sensor and receive a useful value for my maximum consuming capacity easier and faster by HA GUI?! and after that use it in automation to switch on and off consumers based on light intensity light vs pv watt| 690x320
    Sorry if it is a silly question, I am a noob at this …



name: “max.pv.pannels.out_power_watt”

unit_of_measurement: “W”

state: “{{ states(‘sensor.0x54ef4410001ffbad_illuminance’)|float /24 | round(1) }}”

device_class: power

Now I need to figure out a way of turning on/off depending on the difference between what energy I am consuming and what I am able to consume.
Consumers Available
Maximum Available
3,6Kw PV
2Kw battery
Momentary Available
value of max.pv.pannels.out_power_watt