I have a problem trying to load the Ha image

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I try to do the video tutorials but when I try to flash the image I get an error. somebody can help me!

That’s an error message produced by balenaEtcher and suggests the file (hassos_rpi3-3.13.img.gz) may be corrupted. Try downloading another copy of it and then see if balenaEtcher will read it without any errors.

I already did it

Do you mean you already downloaded a second copy and it still failed to work?

Or you downloaded another copy and it worked?

It didn’t work

Good luck.

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What can I do? I still have the same problem and I downloaded several images and nothing is solved

Download a Raspberry Pi OS image from the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website and see if you can flash that. At least then you will know if the problem is in the downloaded image, or another problem.

Try on another computer the balena etcher that does not have Java installed and if it can flash, but I need to install it on mine and I do not want to uninstall Java because I have Android Studio besides I see that they offer solutions for mac or linux but this is happening to me in windows it is something very strange.