I have a very confused HA (or is it me?)

I had a ESPHome device called ESP32-230m. That was working as I expected.
I have now created a variant called ESP8266-230m (same as first but with a d1-mini board)
I removed the first device (I thought/hopped) by selecting “Delete” from the 3-dot menu on the ESPHome dashboard.

Now the ESPHome Integration window only shows (as I would have expected it to) my new ESP8266-230m device. But when I drill down (right chevron), it tells me that I have two devices? Punching down to the next level, I see this:

How do I clean up my very confused system? I’m guessing that there is a database somewhere in the background(?)

Regards, M.

The ESPHome dashboard and the ESPHome integration are 2 separated entities. Removing it from the ESPHome dashboard ONLY removes the yaml file and build directories NOT the integration in HA. To remove the integration in HA, you have to go to: Settings->Devices & Services->Integrations->ESPHome->your_device and then select Delete from the 3 dot menu.

Thank you Jos,

Okay, I may OR may not, have done that. I have been going around this for some time now!
However, I only have the new (ESP8266-230m) in this window:
But if I drill down on the ESP8266-230m, it shows two devices:

click on the link for those two devices, and I see this:

Both with the wrong name (but at least one is reporting the correct CPU!)

Regards, M.

Strange, Did you re-used the ESP32 for another purpose? I would suggest, just remove that device from the integration and add it again to the integration. Normally that solves this kind of problems.

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Thank you. Would you mind talking me through this (I’m an ESPHome newbe!) and spent weeks getting this Modbus coding to work. I couldn’t possibly recreate from scratch.
If I pull the esp8266-sdm230.yaml from the /config/esphome/ folder, will it be any use if it all goes wrong?
Regards, M.

I’m really sorry about this, but although I have a MSc in IT, the terminology and structure of Home Assistant is very confusing to me.
So, just to be sure, if I do this:

The rogue entries will disappear, and after a few minuets, all will rediscovered and be wonderful :grinning:

Regards, M.

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After you delete, restart Home Assistant to trigger the auto discovery to kick in.

Okay. Here we go…
The old Pi 3 will take about 10 mins to reboot. I’ll be back.

Regards, M.

And wonderful it was…
Added the encryption key and I’m away. Thank you all for your very prompt and knowledgeable support.

Regards, M.

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You can also add it manually without having to do the reboot. It’s much faster. Add a ESPHOME integration and add the device name like “[my-device-name].local”

But a reboot in this situation is probably not a bad idea…

Actually the auto discovery also works without restarting ha.

Just that you know how things work internally:

  • esphome dashboard addon → This is a complete stand-a-lone piece of software to create, edit, monitor & update esphome nodes
  • esphome nodes on the side are esp’s that run esphome and are able (if you added the api) to communicate directly with ha
  • esphome integration is part of “ha core” and essentially allows ha to communicate with esphome nodes

The normal way would be to use the esphome dashboard to create a new esphome node and install it on a esp (hardware). After that ha should auto discover that esphome node in your network and will offer to it to ha. If you are argreeing you will get a new esphome integration which will consist of exactly one device.

In your case what happen is that you changed the hardware of your device but kept it’s name at the same time. That would be fine and shouldn’t cause problems if you had deleted the old esphome integration before and then just added the new one (with the new hardware) again. Because you didn’t deleted it before but the names were equal the esphome devices therefor were doubled (your “old” and new device).