I have a ZWave switch that I think died. Did it?

I figured I’d ask before throwing this thing away. I have a zwave switch where the paddle has stopped working. It still has power, because I can hear HA turning on some relay in there when the automation kicks in, but the light doesn’t turn on (and eventually HA returns the switch to the off position in the UI).

Is it safe to assume this thing is dead?

What kind of switch is it? What kind of light do you have wired in to it?

Have you tried pulling the air gap, or turning off the breaker?

Its a GE/Jasco. And yes, didn’t help.

The GE/Jasco have a known hardware failure. I have been hearing that they’ll replace them even out of warranty. You might try contacting them before tossing it.


There isn’t an option to disable local control so if the paddle doesn’t work the switch is more then likely shot. There’s a capacitor that apparently goes bad. Some have taken the switch apart and replaced the capacitor but I definitely wasn’t going to try.

Jasco recently extended their warranty to 5 years. I can confirm they recently replaced one of mine that had the “click of death”. They asked for a date code from the switch and proof of purchase when i called their support- which was an old Amazon order history. i agree with @freshcoast, definitely worth contacting them to try and get it replaced.

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…and I have a replacement on the way. Thanks guys!

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