I hope someone can help me out a bit

I just started with Home Assistant, actually because my home central heating thermostat is not very economic.
So I decided to make a new one and place a tablet on the place the old thermostat is hanging on the wall, use the 2 wires the thermostat is using to power the tablet.
My central heater is using Ebus for communicating between the thermostat and the central heater
I manage to make all the setup up until Home Assistant.
What I did so far:
I made a HAT for a Raspberry pi for communicating with the Ebus, this works, and the rpi is running a MQTT server to talk, I can command it to regulate the water temperature.
I made with a an ESP8266 Arduino a sensor hub talking to the MQTT server, this works also.
I made with Node Red a thermostat, with a primary temperature sensor and a backup sensor also talking with MQTT, this works either.
So the hart of the system is working, now I want to setup Home Assistant and that is something I try for weeks now, but without any luck (probably because this is not the easiest thing to start with)

What I want to do is make a thermostat component (preferable something that look like Nest) and talk with Node Red to set the temperature, but also get the measured temperature (I need it from Node Red, because Nod Red is switching to backup when the main sensor fails, I already have the output on Node Red.
I have watched many videos, examples etc. but it’s always based on hardware you buy in the shop, not something you build your own.

If I’m done and someone is interested, I’m happy to share everything, but for now I can’t take the old thermostat of the wall yet.
I can only do that if everything works fine (and should be wife approved, that’s also not the easiest part)

Thanks for pointing me out in the right direction