I just added an external SSD to my HA Green (is this dangerous)

I had an external 1TB SSD I wasn’t using so I pluged it into my HA green and switched it to the data drive.

Rebooted and it looks to be working fine. I then for fun wanted to see if it would allow me to switch back and it said I can’t switch back because it said “There is no suitable external device found. The storage capacity of the external data disk must be larger than the storage capacity of the existing disk.” Odd because I am not using much space.

Anyway no problem because I don’t really want to switch back at this time anyway.

I also do external backups every night. I just wanted to know if this was a BAD idea and if their is a reason this could create a reliability problem?

I did this because I wanted to increase my history to 365 days for sensors and I knew the existing 32gb ssd wasn’t going to do that.

You switched from 32 → 1000. You can’t switch back from 1000 → 32 because of the size difference. I mean you could, but there’s a lot more involved than just swapping out a hard drive. The onboard storage is EMMC (like a smart phone) so at this point swapping back might be a bit of an issue, unless you can reset the device and restore a backup.

Personally I would have mounted a NFS and saved data that way but I have no idea about the prebuilt devices and what their capabilites are.

Ok… Thanks… I was thinking about the NFS option but I was thinking when i reboot the network or something things may go bad if at some point the NFS didn’t exist and it was looking for it.

And the SSD was sitting on my desk not used for 2 years so I slapped it on.

It is odd you can’t switch back when the data on the volume is still far less then the internal storage could support.

It doesn’t really matter how much, its about knowing where the data exists. Its kind of an old school concept. Is the data at the beginning of the drive or the end? So when you go down in size something that may have existed at a sector near the terabyte mark suddenly doesn’t exist if the drive is only 32GB.

NFS should be a set and forget kind of thing. Once its set up it should always work. I use them daily across all my machines and devices. If its mounted correctly in fstab then it will always mount if its accessible.

My point is the router that hosts my NFS may need to be rebooted and then the NFS will go offline while this Home Assistant is still running and will make HA crash or get in trouble.

So having an NFS for me as my primary data drive would mean I need to remember to turn off my HA when I am rebooting something else that may impact the NFS.

It would be bad to make the primary drive NFS. A folder on the other hand would make sense.