I just upgraded to Home Assistant .109 to .110 some issues.. header missing, stack-in-card

I just upgraded to from Home Assistant .109x to .110x. It looks like there’s something really wrong. I could have sworn I double-checked tro make sure this version wasn’t a beta. But, it still broke several of my cards.

The header is completely missing after the upgrade. I don’t have access to any of my lovelace pages/tabs, except for the default page. I also can’t edit the existing page since there’s nothing for me to select on the top/right corner of my screen.

Also, stack-in-card + vertical-stack’ing cards doesn’t work anymore after the update.

I would really appreciate help to get this resolved.

Same here, my header is missing on the Overview page, but visible on other pages.

Same here!

& mobile looks fucked up - don’t know if it’s related tho:

Custom header has a new release to be compatible with v. 110.

For the other issues, start at the github repo for the custom card having issues and check for an issue related to either 110 or the issue you are seeing.

@silvrr I can’t seem to find the version of Custom Header that supports version 110. Is there something special I need to do? I already tried uninstalling it and installing it.

Also, I’m still new to Home Assistant. Could you please point me to the “github repo” for the cards having issues?.

Put this in your configuration.yaml: conversation: for the header to work again. The other is a problem with openweathermap API AFAIK, not with the card.

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1.3.9 was the first attempt to support v110 of HA. 1.4.3 appears to be current.

If your using HACS I can’t be of much help as I don’t use it. If your not using it, just download the latest version and replace the old file in your www directory.

The Github repository (repo) is the source of the custom components you are using. Again if your using HACS im not sure how you would find this info. If you aren’t it should be obvious as that is where you previously got the files to use to setup the custom cards in the first place.

@silvrr I am already using the latest version for custom header. adding conversation: to my configuration did resolve this issue, however, it caused another strange issue when adding cards.

It looks like I made a huge mistake upgrading to version .110. If it was just 1 card having a problem, I could deal with it. but there are multiple issues.

If you are using a bunch of custom cards (not supported by Home Assistant officially) I would wait to update for a few days after release and let the dust settle each time.

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