I laughed at this

I have several of these switches


LOL. I have one of those and that’s exactly what the Electrician said. Secretly I hoped it turned on a sign somewhere that said merry Christmas 1986.


I had one of those switches in my house when I moved in, I just removed it, although there is probably something vital somewhere that is left on when it should be off :slight_smile:

When I got my old house built I had a version this. There was a spot where there was supposed to be 5 switches but the electrician only wired 4, leaving the 5th switch only part connected. Due to wanting to install certain lights myself I had the builder wire all the lighting circuits to junction boxes in the roof rather than install the usual single light in the middle or each room. While sorting out lights to these junction boxes after moving in I discovered one junction box never got any power. Being an electrician myself I was straight onto it, pulled the face plate off to find there weren’t enough wires there to cover the 5th circuit. I was pretty happy to watch the builders electrician have to come and fix it up.

For context I’ve been an industrial electrician most of my career and was FIFO at the time, certainly wasn’t interested in wiring my own newly built house.

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Not only do I have (at least) one of those switches, I ALSO have light fixtures that I have NEVER been able to figure out how to turn on.

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