I like to share my solution for WIFI based presence tracking


I like to share my solution for WIFI based presence tracking in my house: https://github.com/denkuppens/HomeAssistant/tree/main/OpenWrtPresenceDetection

This is a solution to track WIFI devices in a home using one or more OpenWrt WIFI access points in combination with Home Assistant.
Read this before reading the whole story because it might not be useable in your situation because you need:

  • One or more router and accesspoints flashed with OpenWrt firmware
  • Home Assistant
  • MQTT server that is connected to Home Assistant
  • Optional: WIFI Fast roaming enabled on all OpenWrt APs
  • Optional: IOT devices, MQTT server and Home Assistant running in a protected VLAN which can’t access the router
  • To know how to create scripts and automations in Home Assistant

Perhaps its useful for someone else.


How would this compare to using BLE beacons with, for example, room-assistant?

I guess a BLE system is more accurate than a WIFI system. In my case I was not planning to do in-house tracking at all. I just wanted to detect if we are at home or not without using GPS or special apps. The floor level detection is a bonus which I did not planned for. The benefit of WIFI is that I don’t need additional hardware like BLE beacons and I don’t have to keep bluetooth enabled on my phone all the time.

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