I locked myself out

I made a change to the http: section in my configuration.yaml and probably did something wrong… because now I can no longer log in locally

Does anyone know how to change the configuration.yaml file on the HAOS command line "HA > "? I have to adjust my http: auth there… I think I then have to call up the “VI” editor… but with LS -la I get an error message that it doesn’t know the command (I just connected the Raspberry directly to Monitor and Keyboard connected and see the command line with the prompt HA >

It should be ls -la (case matters in Linux). You can also just use vi configuration.yaml (I’m not certain, but I think you can also use nano, which is a much easier editor in Linux if you don’t want to deal with vi).


I don’t know if I installed nano… I wanted to… but I’m not sure.

unfortunately it works
LS -la not

I only see


if I
HA > Entering Ls -la brings something from the CLI and ls–help, but both lead to nothing…
Do I have to register first?
How ?
o I only see the prompt but it doesn’t understand LS -la or cd config/

I tried it again
He apparently only knows something about
HA > ha update
ha restart

but he brings that in
ls -la then he says unknown command

First enter


Then you can use vi

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Thanks… I was struggling with HAOS commands there… hahaha

sorry im not a professional…
i take now
ok i logged in i see the root from a linux machine… but where i can find the homeassistant config directory ?

find / -name "configuration.yaml"


sure? he list now millions of files… rund and run… thats normal?

and if any have any informations about VI on command line … safe change exit…and what need… thanks a lot for any help

if i try to edit now with VI … and i try to :wq command then Vi told me … :wq is not implemented

need some help more please:

i change now my condiguration.yaml…
i see now tzhe login… but sorry i forget my username… i never logged in only one time then safe that my browser maybe…
i have the password but the user homeassitant don’t like my password… grrrr
what i can do?

i try the
auth list
command ut that now work on my command line

ok all ok
i try that and get username

  1. type login at the ha > prompt
  2. cd to your config directory (where configuration.yaml is located)
  3. grep username .storage/auth
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