I loose my lights in deconz

every time there is a new update for home assistant , and the server restarts - i have to add all of my lights again in deconz ( all sensor and switch is stille there in deconz) is there a way to fix this ? (newest version of HA and deconz is installed)

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I have the exact same issue. Update of HA or if my Pi loses power, then everything under “Lights” in Deconz (Phoscon) has to be searched for again + added the same names again. But all sensors show up right away with the correct names. It is driving me crazy!
Anybody with a fix for it?

Edit: Conbee II :slight_smile:

I still have the same problem, but I dont rename all - only search new lights.

your version off deconz / Phoscon ?

my is

I have the same version. I have tried asking the question in the “Deconz thread”.

Has the same issue again with all the latest updates. Everything under “lights” disappears, I have to search for them again + add their names. Kind of annoying.

maybe a update of the Stick Firmware can help. The last Version is 26720700

maybe :-/ I will try it and hope for the best :slight_smile: