I lost history


I’ve been running HASSio on a RPi for about one year. I always use the latest version of HA. Recently, I’ve had some issues; the history does not show up on any of my sensors. It stays constant and does not update. Any idea what’s going on ?

I have this in my config file and it’s been working for several months:

# Enables support for tracking state changes over time

# Enable restore of state of the entity after HA is started to the state before HA was stopped


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Okay, I’ve been reading on it and searching what it could be. I still don’t know why it had this behavior, but here is what I did to resolve it. I renamed home-assistant_v2.db to something else and restarted HA. The DB was re-created and the history magically works again. Maybe the database was corrupted or something. Anyway, so far, so good…

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Thanks @Madelinot, got the same problem since a week or so ago, didn’t know what caused it. But since I been configurating and installing all kinds of stuff into my hassio the last month, there is no way to know. After running the above mentioned fix
(renamed home-assistant_v2.db to home-assistant_v2.db.old and restarting hassio),
everything works fine.

Thanks for the help !!

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