I lost my user / pass / 2FA for my test system (a HA yellow)

I’m using this system for a lot of testing for my channel, but as I needed to do a complete reset of my PC I lost my 2FA for the owner (the only user on it).
I’ve connected via the USB serial connection to it, so I found the username, I’ve reset the password, but it still asks for 2FA, and for some reason that is not in my google authenticator on my mobile.
Is there any way to turn that off for the user, either temporarily for the entire system, or for the user specifically?

Only if you can get to the profile page to turn it off.

No, I can’t login. I did find the configuration.yaml through the serial console, but even uncommenting the auth_mfa_modues didn’t alleviate this :cry:

Quick search yielded this:

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Copy the config folders then reinstall Home Assistant.

Ahh, oh well, I reset it, I didn’t find that, but I guess I was using the wrong terms for searching the forum.
Fortunately it’s a test machine, so it’s a good learning process this problem :slight_smile:
Thankyou @MaxK

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I just reset it, it’s purely for testing, my ‘real’ ha is running in proxmox :slight_smile:
Thankyou for the assistance nevertheless @stevemann