📌 I made a Home Assistant browser extension!

So nice! Thanks!

Really nice.

Added bonus is that it works in Opera (my browser of choice) too. Just need to install the “Install Chrome Extensions” extension first and you’re good to go.

Great one. Thanks a lot. As my standard theme is dark, I had some problems to set the feault for the new view and had to create a own one (problems/questions see here), but now it is running and I’m happy.

Love it! Always wanted a little pop up ui from hass like this in my taskbar, but in the browser is the next best thing. Thanks!

Love it so simple but so good!

How did you add the colour blobs for the light under your Entities row?

Check out the RGB Light Card :wink:

Haha thanks and its yours :slight_smile: love it!

I made a quick little video on this awesome extension. https://youtu.be/EerHTzLaLYo

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This is a great extension… Any plans to make it available in Edge?

Thanks for creating this addon, great idea and execution!

You can install it in Edge from the chrome store. Works well!


Awesome… thanks for the tip… works great as you said…

Nice theme! Could you provide the name and/or source?

Hey Matus and Matthieu :wave:

I was inspired by the ahang work I found on Behance.
I used the custom component button-card for my cards.
If I find the time I will present my installation in more detail.


Would you share theme yaml and button-card styles?

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Oh my, I really love that Chrome extension, cheers!

I’d forgotten I installed this extension. Then thought it had stopped working.

Now I know what the dashboard “lovelace-firefox” that I deleted the other day was for :man_facepalming:

A friendly reminder, can you share your YAML theme? Thank you!

:wave: Hi everyone, If you want to see more details on my configuration here is my post :

Wonder if we could incorporate some sort of room tracking. For example, you’re in a certain room and it shows different lights etc.