📌 I made a Home Assistant browser extension!

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Hi everyone :wave:

These days, I’ve been working on a simple browser extension to quickly access my Home Assistant dashboard from everywhere! I’m sharing it with you, hoping it will make your life easier

It’s already available in the Chrome Web Store and the Firefox Add-ons
If you can, please leave a review to increase the visibility, thanks! :heart:

Setup instructions

In your Lovelace dashboard, create a new view and add a few cards that you want to see in your extension

Here are a few tips:

  • If you have only one card, activate the “panel mode” option for a better look
  • If you want to match your browser color scheme, you can choose a specific theme just for this view
  • You can completely hide the view if you don’t want it to show in your existing dashboard, it won’t affect the extension
  • I suggest you to choose a specific URL for the view. For example: “extension”

Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons

Pin the extension in Chrome so it’s always visible (it’s already done by default in Firefox)

Open the extension options (right-click the icon > Configure), then:

  • Set the URL of your view as seen in your browser, for example https://my-home-assistant.com/lovelace/extension
  • Adjust width and height so everything looks good
  • You can choose to crop the upper part of your view to hide the page header. By default, the size of the header is 56 pixels

The code of the extension is open source and available on GitHub, so don’t hesitate to create issues with suggestions or bug reports, and give a :star2: if you like it!

Have a nice day :+1:


So cool ! :love_you_gesture:

Thanks Boris :kissing_heart:


Thanks for the share and really nice :wink: Just noticed one little issue for setup of it. I’m using FF 88 64bits on Kubuntu 20.04
Once installed extension, I accessed setup of it in the about:addons page of FF. Once all setup with preview ok I close that and when I click on extension button it says: Not setup and then I have a link I can click to access settings that are not presented in same way than previously. Once setup there, everything good :wink:

This is a great add-on! Smart idea to make the extension so simple, and leave the bulk of the details up to normal HA configuration.

This is cool.

Does this open up any security vulnerabilities?

This is awesome, thanks for making this


ummm do you have details on how you did this standing deck? I have an uplift and would kill for this.

I really like it. Would you provide more info about theme?

So nice! Thanks!

Really nice.

Added bonus is that it works in Opera (my browser of choice) too. Just need to install the “Install Chrome Extensions” extension first and you’re good to go.

Great one. Thanks a lot. As my standard theme is dark, I had some problems to set the feault for the new view and had to create a own one (problems/questions see here), but now it is running and I’m happy.

Love it! Always wanted a little pop up ui from hass like this in my taskbar, but in the browser is the next best thing. Thanks!

Love it so simple but so good!

How did you add the colour blobs for the light under your Entities row?

Check out the RGB Light Card :wink:

Haha thanks and its yours :slight_smile: love it!

I made a quick little video on this awesome extension. https://youtu.be/EerHTzLaLYo

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This is a great extension… Any plans to make it available in Edge?

Thanks for creating this addon, great idea and execution!

You can install it in Edge from the chrome store. Works well!


Awesome… thanks for the tip… works great as you said…