I need a 2ch relay where switches can be detached from load

Well the topic says it all ) 2 channel relay. 2 loads. LOAD A. Operated via a switch. LOAD B - always controlled only by HA. But i really need that Switch 2 to send some other commands without triggering LOAD B

You could use any of the esp relay boards with Esphome. You’ll get 2 binary sensors and 2 switches (the relays) in HA. You can add logic in Esphome for switch A to control Relay A and leave B separated

Or.if you could use a Shelly 2.5 with Esphome flashed on it to do the same

You don’t need to load ESPHome on Shelly devices to use them in detached mode.

Ah ok, never knew that as I’ve flashed all mine

Cool, you learn something new every day, can you have one detached and one attached or would both be detached and just use a HA automation ?

All my Shelly’s are single gang units. So I don’t have one to check but I believe they should be able to be configured independently.