I need an Aeotec Siren 6 guru

I had it for just over two months, I had it paired with Hubitat, I decided I wanted it to do more so I got a Zwave stick and installed it to my HA. A bout a week ago the siren quit sounding. I was planning on moving it to HA so I didn’t worry about it. I went to remove it from the HE and it did nothing. I tied several times. I tried to factory reset it holding the action button down for 20+ seconds, again it was mute. So basically it doesn’t react at all. Are these devices a piece of crap? I had prolemms getting it working at first. I think probably since I am still a novice at ome of this so that was on me I think. Is there anything else I can try??


I have only good experience with it. Rock solid. Works all the time. I had it connected to HE also before. Then moved to HA once HA supported it. Now it is connected to HA for almost a year I think without issues.

I got a response from their Support, after I posted this. Surprised the hell out of me. Leave it unplugged overnight and then plug it back in. I assume to discharge the batery. I plugged it in this am and it lit up so that is good. Didn’t have time to play around yet. HE doesn’t give me the options I want and it appears that HA does, or at least I hope it does. I’ll find out.


could you share one of your automations? I have no idea how to make this work on HA yet. What entries and such. I want to use it as a doorbell and as a means to tell me when a door is opened.


I will, but I’m currently away from home. Monday I will do it.


Have a great weekend

So, I had this same issue with HA. Except, in my case the light came on and stayed on, with all entities becoming unavailable.
I unplugged it over night, plugged it back in this morning, and the status briefly changed to alive, then to dead.

I’m not sure if I just need to remove failed at this point and try a factory reset, or what…