I need `devices` list for DockerHomeAssistant container

For AddOns, the config may contain a devices list which maps host devices (eg. /dev/ttyACM0) to a device path inside the container. Excerpt from the docs:

How can I do the same with the homeassistant container itself?

Reason why:
I run ZHA with a Conbee II zigbee coordinator. ZHA cannot find the conbee until I map the host’s /dev/foo of the conbee to /dev/bar inside the homeassistant container.

Over the past months, I kept thinking other ZHA users must be facing the same issue. Well, I posted a query for configuration help, but haven’t yielded any answers.

So today, I looked at DockerHomeAssistant._run() and it seems this is where the devices list could be injected when the HA docker container is created and started.

I just want to be able to upgrade HA and have my host devices automatically mapped into the homeassistant container so ZHA can see my Conbee II zigbee hardware.

I don’t mind attempting a PR, however I could be missing something that already exists for this use-case. So I’m seeking advice here in Development.