I need help to get a z-wave door/window contact to work again

I have a Philio 3-in-1 door/window contact, that I set up with HA last year, and it was working fine until earlier this year.
Maybe an update on my Raspberry PI 3 (or an update to HA) caused it to stop working?

I thought that the Philio might be defect, since removing and re-adding it did not change its behaviour, so I have bought a Schwaiger ZHS09 door/window zwave contact.

Both devices have the same behaviour, where they are added to HA zwave with success, and they send open / close signals to HA, that I can also see in the OZW_log.txt file.

But some time after the successful addition to the zwave network, they go to sleep (maybe?), and stop sending signals to HA and the OZW_log.txt file, even though the red led on the devices show activity on each open / close operation.

So the device does register the open/close event, as shown by it blinking the red led, but either the device does not transmit the event to the zwave network, or more likely my zwave controller (i.e. my Raspberry Pi) does not receive the event?

I hope you have suggestions for me how to get this working again.