I need some Rainmachine inspiration

Anyone using Rainmachine and developed some really cool card(s) to control it? I could really use some inspiration. If anyone would be willing to show off what they have done, I would really appreciate it.

I’m using a Rainmachine, but with the simple Integration, and a very boring switch card.
Watching this thread with anticipation.


Ive been playing around with rainmachine combined with custom button-card and a popup card i found. Here’s what mine looks like… made some custom icons too:

The top image is a zone that is off. THe number in the embedded button is the number of minutes that it will turn on for if you click the overall button.

The bottom image is a program. Im still working on the function of the embedded button but basically if you click it , it will enable or disable the program.

When you turn them both on by clicking, this is what you get:

There is a countdown timer there that counts down how much time left…

On the zone, if you click on the embedded button you get a slider which allows you to set the duration that the zone will run if you turn it on. This is stored in a variable. Im also using an extention for variable swhich stores this number because the zone entity does not.

so my zones and programs look like this:

Its a bunch of moving parts but it works quite well.

I can explain how i did it but im trying to figure out the best place to do that, maybe a project on github? so that more people may use it and/or provide feedback.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Any further info on this? Happy to pick up where you left off with whatever you have.