I need some shower related ideas

I have a HAss setup with a few switches, some lights, some sensors and so on. It’s not a “Bear Stone” setup but it’s going that way. I also have a disabled 11 year old with learning difficulties. It took us a long time to get him to wash and bathe without help but now he loves having baths and showers - sometimes having multiple baths and/or showers a day!

And not turning off the water when he’s finished.

I can find a billion products to help me detect leaks. There’s some that work by sitting on the floors and detecting water but there’s others that work out that there’s water running at a constant rate over a certain period of time therefore there’s a leak. This latter device might do what I need but they all involve cutting in to pipes. This is a bit drastic for an experiment.

Has anyone come across something - or suggest something that I can build - that can alert me if the shower is still running?



How hot does he like his shower? You might be able to start with a $10 temperature and humidity sensor and have HA send you a notification once the humidity hits a certain threshold. I’m not sure this would get you all the way there but it would let you know he’s started a shower. I am not sure how rapidly the humidity would go back down after the shower was shut off but if it stays above what ever threshold you could get repeated alerts.

This definitely isn’t perfect but might be worth trying before you cut into your pipes.

Or the shower “knob” from public swimming areas where you need to press and get water for some minutes. Need to press again to get another 5min …

That’s not a bad idea but it’s not going to work with the rest of the family.

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I’ve tried this but the maths has got a bit complicated due to the fact there’s other people who use showers and there’s a pretty efficient extractor fan installed which works well even when the shower is running so it’s difficult to detect if someone’s experiencing a mind blowing shower thought and just taking a long time or if the shower has been left on. I use Aeotec Multisensors - I did try positioning it so it could detect motion behind the shower curtain but apparently if it gets too close the condensation kills it and I have to buy another one! So it has to be on the other side of the room leaving me with just temp and humidity.